Electric Heating


One is Electric heat. This method is the most efficient way. It uses electric heating coils/strips, like turning on a stove eye or the oven, moreover a plug in electric heater.
Sure it will do the job after a while but cost way more than expected. 

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Gas Heating


A furnace or Gas package system is most commonly found in North Alabama. It uses Steal heat exchangers and burners to
transfer heat through a forced air duct system.

Gas is considered an “On Demand” heating system. It is the fastest way to heat your home but its a dryer heat.
Many homeowners find it works well with a humidifier to keep the air from drying out to much. Although I find many that prefer this method they are equally afraid of it as well, due to the whole FLAME thing.
However there are MANY safety features to prevent fire damage or Carbon monoxide poisoning; such as, Roll out sensors, flame sensors, pressure switches, and High heat Limit sensors. All of which would cut power to the gas valve before a fire would start in the event of failure.
These safety switches are all checked and tested in our 33 point Master Comfort inspection, and we include a carbon
monoxide test with each inspection. 

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Heat Pump System


This is a very efficient way to heat the home and uses the same Freon that cools the home to heat it as well.
It simply reverses the flow of Freon causing the indoor coil to become a hot dry coil and the out door to become a wet cold coil. This will cause the unit however to freeze up when the weather gets colder outside.

 A Heat Pump is NOT an “On Demand” heat source, it is a gradual heat or “Soft Heat”. Temperatures typically being delivered from system are about 90 to
95 degrees during normal operations. Although 95 degrees is heating your home pretty well, it is below your body heat of 98 degrees which can leave the homeowner feeling
like the air is cooler coming from air vents.

Having a well maintained system with clean coils and well working defrost control will allow your system to work at its peak performance. 

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