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Air Conditioning Cooling

Keeping you Cool

A widely thought misnomer is that an air conditioner pulls hot air from the home and blows it outside, and pumps cold air inside.

This is wrong. An Air conditioner is a big dehumidifier. It removes moisture through the evaporator coil thus dropping the temperature in the home. 

In order for your HVAC system to do its job properly it is vital that it is serviced yearly and that you change your filters
monthly so both coils can breath and not restrict airflow thus interrupting the proper transference of heat in your home. 

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33 Point Master Comfort Inspection

1st Class Comfort has developed a 33 point master comfort inspection / tune up to keep your unit working at peak performance.

Part of this, is the inspection of all ductwork for air leaks which can cost more than 25 % increase in your energy bill if left unattended to, according to the “ Alternative Energy Corp.” Our Tune up also includes; cleaning coils, oiling motors, checking and tightening all electrical connections, balancing airflow, performing temperature differential, and checking Refrigerant charge. 

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